Momentum International Lite SIPP


Designed for British expatriates who still wish to keep their pension assets in the UK, rather than transfer to one of our overseas pension solutions. Our International Lite SIPP has been tailored using our international expertise and understanding of British expats, while providing a simple and straightforward solution.

Why Choose Momentum International Lite SIPP?

  • Available for non-UK Residents only.
  • Your appointed professional adviser will be a regulated international firm that is able to guide you on your international pension options.
  • The ability to hold assets that are appropriate for international clients, yet meet the key Regulatory requirements in the UK.
  • The ability to transfer to one of our multi-Jurisdictional pension products free of charge.
  • The appointment of Professional Trustees to safeguard and administer your assets in line with appropriate regulations.
  • Flexible withdrawals in line with UK Pension legislation.
  • Fixed and transparent pricing.
  • Complete flexibility on the frequency and payment of contributions.
  • Pension drawdown available from Age 55 onwards.
  • Significant tax advantages in line with current legislation.


Investment Options Available

Our Momentum International Lite SIPP can invest in Brooks MacDonald International, an International Managed Portfolio Service.

SIPP Investments...