Momentum Property SIPP


Designed specifically for those who want to invest in UK commercial property. It also allows investment in other UK-regulated investments recommended by your professional adviser.

Why Choose Momentum Property SIPP?

  • The ability to hold a wide range of assets including commercial property, in line with our investment policy.
  • Fixed and transparent pricing based on the underlying assets within your SIPP.
  • Flexible withdrawals in line with UK Pension legislation.
  • Loans to facilitate the acquisition of Commercial Property are available up to 50% of the schemes assets, subject to your lenders consent.
  • The appointment of Professional Trustees to safeguard and administer your assets in line with appropriate regulations.
  • Complete flexibility on the frequency and payment of contributions.
  • Pension drawdown available from Age 55 onwards.
  • Significant tax advantages in line with current legislation


Investment Options Available

Our Momentum Property SIPP provides clients with access to a vast range of UK Commercial Property.

Clients can utilise their SIPP funds to purchase their business premises, or other commercial land or property, which can in turn be leased back to the Company or other parties.

Our SIPP can invest in:

  • Commercial property in the UK
  • Residential property for conversion to offices or some other commercial purpose where the change of use has been confirmed before the property is purchased
  • Development land and agricultural land are both acceptable investments
  • Whilst freehold property and property held on a long lease (with a minimum unexpired term of 50 years) are acceptable

Other factors

  • There is no restriction on your choice of solicitor, surveyor, insurer, or (where relevant) commercial lender
  • The SIPP Member can be their own property manager, or select someone themselves
  • Joint purchases are possible with other Momentum Property SIPP clients
  • We can provide VAT registration and quarterly reporting services

What we cannot do

  • Due to tax penalties, we do not permit our SIPP Members to invest in any form of residential property
  • It is not our normal practice to buy property at auction.


Property should be viewed as a long term investment and careful consideration must be given to any such investment if you are likely to take some, or all, of your benefits in the short to medium term or have commenced taking benefits already.

We reserve the right to refuse to purchase any particular property if, in our opinion, it is not a suitable investment for a pension scheme, for example, if the property is of a very specialised nature, or if we anticipate re-sale difficulties.

SIPP Investments...