QROPS Investments


In line with the investment policy your pension trustees adopt, Momentum’s Malta, Gibraltar and Isle of Man QROPS schemes can hold many types of investment, albeit with a few restrictions.

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The trustees and administrators of all Momentum’s QROPS schemes in Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man ensure that your underlying investments are suitably diversified and are invested in line with our investment policy (which may change from time to time).

At the discretion of the trustee, and on an exceptional basis, a member may be accepted into a scheme without an appointed professional adviser. In this case we will seek your confirmation, as member, before any investments are made. 

Alternatively, you can request the appointment of an authorised investment manager to manage the investments of your pension scheme on a discretionary basis.

You can also choose an appropriate investment strategy in association with your own professional adviser who, once authorised, will be duly appointed to provide ongoing advice on your underlying investments. 

In all situations, your pension’s trustees will consider your investment preferences so that we can ensure your funds are invested in line with our investment policy and the relevant regulatory requirements.