Irish Transfers






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Our Irish Transfer service is designed for Irish expatriates or individuals with Irish Pension Schemes, intending on retiring overseas. Focusing on flexibility around your retirement planning, it enables you to consolidate your Irish pensions into one overseas pension scheme.

Here at Momentum Pensions, we have helped thousands of expatriates and international clients all over the world, offering regulated pension schemes across different jurisdictions.

Retirement planning and flexibility

  • The option to appoint an experienced and regulated Financial Adviser, in the country where the individual lives.
  • Ability to invest and take retirement benefits in a preferred currency.
  • Access to retirement benefits any time from age 50 to 75.
  • Take an initial lump sum of up to 30% of the retirement fund, exempt from Maltese tax.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to take retirement benefits directly from the Pension Scheme.
  • Benefit from the significant number of effective Maltese Double Taxation Treaties.