Regulatory Information




Momentum Pensions Malta Limited is licensed as a Retirement Scheme Administrator by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Company Registration Number C 52627. There exists no statutory provision for compensation where the Scheme is unable to satisfy the liabilities attributable to it. The License of the Scheme is not an endorsement by the MFSA of the Scheme’s financial performance.


Momentum Pensions (Gibraltar) Limited is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission as a Pension Scheme Operator for the Momentum Gibraltar Pension Plan, holding permissions under the Gibraltar Financial Service Act 2019 to carry out the regulated activities of establishing, operating or winding up a Personal Pension Scheme under Permission Number 19015. 

Isle of Man

In the Isle of Man, Momentum Pensions Limited is registered as a Retirement Benefits Scheme Administrator by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority under registration number RA102. Momentum Pensions Limited is the Trustee and Administrator of the Momentum Pension Trust, the Momentum Isle of Man Pension Plan, the Momentum Extra Pension Plan and the Momentum Retirement Savings Plan.


All assets within your Scheme are held under irrevocable trust for your exclusive benefit.

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